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A fantastic heritage of natural beauty: the Island of Elba covers 140 square miles, with 90 miles of gorgeous coastline offering countless travel-brochure beaches. Something for every taste: sand both fine or coarse, white or dark, pebbles, rocky and still more.

Eight picturesque little towns (Portoferraio, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Campo nell'Elba, Capoliveri, Porto Azzurro, Rio nel'Elba and Rio Marina) are scattered about a rugged land, hilly and mountainous for the most part, crowned by a three thousand foot peak called Monte Capanne. Nature luxuriant and unspoiled, lapped by a sea that is amongst the cleanest and most captivating of the Mediterranean. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

Il Caminetto Hotel on Elba Island

The Hotel Il Caminetto, surrounded by greenery, at 250 feet above sea level, has its own natural air conditioning (3/4° lower than the coast). There are 17 rooms with bathrooms (shower), air conditioning, colour TV, telephone, safe, central heating, private parking, typical restaurant with terrace overlooking the bay of Portoferraio, swimming pool and games for children.

Just three miles from the port of Portoferraio, in the centre of the island of Elba, the hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring the extraordinary variety to be found on Elba. The towns, the places to see and the beaches are all within easy reach.

Perfect for families with children and for anyone trying to escape stress and bustle, the hotel is a haven after a day on the beach or a night at the disco.

Pets are usually accepted, as long as they don't disturb others. They're not allowed to enter public areas (the restaurant, the swimming pool etc.).

The same family has run the business since 1970, daily lavishing professionalism and courtesy in order to ensure that your stay on Elba Island meets your every expectation at the very least - of all the forms of marketing, they believe this aspect to be the most important.

Il Caminetto Hotel on Elba Island
Hotel Il Caminetto is one of the few buildings on Elba that lies within the National Park of Tuscan Archipelago. Lying amidst uncontaminated Nature, in a verdant valley surrounded by centuries-old trees with huge trunks, this 'green lung' keeps the temperature pleasant during the hot summer. As a result, there's nearly always a refreshing breeze and the evenings are fresh. No noise to shatter the peace and tranquillity. Going to sleep to the croaking of the tree frogs and awakening to the chorus of the birds.
Just outside the hotel, trekking routes and mountain biking are available, taking in the famous GTE (the Great Elba Crossing), an excursion route that cuts across the island from east to west.

Here on Elba Island, a great day out by the sea is always at the mercy of the wind that's blowing at the time.
When it blows from the north, choose a beach to the south, and vice versa, if the wind is blowing from the opposite direction. It's a sure way to guarantee calm waters and no rolling waves. At this point, the only decision to make is the type of beach: white or dark, coarse or fine sand, pebbles or rocks? Sun-baked or shaded by pine trees? Close to the town or isolated, perhaps with a rock to swim to, a few strokes away?
At Il Caminetto, guests can always refer to the 'logbook'. Available every day from reception, it has information about current weather conditions, the wind and the state of the sea at every part of the island's coastline.
Il Caminetto is one of 26 hotels on Elba that participate in an eco-sustainable tourist project.
This means in practice that it offers top quality services that enhance the environment and respect natural resources. Low-consumption light bulbs, reductions in the flow, purification and recycling systems for water for the garden, the use of bio-architecture in renovations, the use of biological produce, differentiated waste collection and the rejection of GM foods are just a few of the initiatives undertaken, in addition to the daily briefing for guests so they can make proper use of the territory and enjoy sports activities close to nature.
The hotel management arranges the purchase and delivery by mail of ferry tickets for the date desired, saving you time in making bookings.
When the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island of Elba, he chose San Martino over and above all the other places on the island for his summer residence, so impressed was he by the beauty of the forest, the panorama of the bay of Portoferraio and the constantly fresh climate.
The villa, together with the Galleria Demidoff and the magnificent gardens now make up the present Museum dedicated to him, which attract around 200,000 visitors every year, the second most popular (after the Uffizi) of all the national museums of Tuscany.
The ancient Etruscans also left traces of their passing at San Martino. At Castiglione, the conical hillock in front of the hotel, there are traces of ancient Etruscan forts and a temple, said to be dedicated to the god, Volturno.